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'The whale sharks of Qatar' for Maersk Oil
'Revolutions in the air' for Scottish Energy
'Epeadia' European Environment web site
'Western Isles Development Project' for Dana Petroleum
Tullow Supply Chain Management
Rwe Breagh
The Rosebank Reservoir: Revealed
Action on diabetes documentary
'Finding the Prize' for Tullow Oil
Tsimiroro: Towards a brighter future
Kris Energy: Udan Emas Animation
Dana Information Security animation
MAERSK 'Chissonga' Documentary
The West Franklin Project
Kris Energy: Wassana animation


'The whale sharks of Qatar' for Maersk Oil
Schools education pack for the CPS
Vulnerable witness film for NSPCC
'Self assessment campaign' Inland Revenue
'Studio Fantasia' Best Direction
'New Horizons' for Sea Containers
'Ten times more powerful' for Network Rail
Vulnerable witness training film for Council of the Bar
United Nations Expo ’92 Pavilion experience 
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