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I have one or two corporate film production 'grey hairs'. Like many filmakers, in this era of multitasking, I have worked as a director, producer, writer and occasionally cameraman, and have the capability to develop concepts, write proposals, pitch to clients, and take a project to conclusion.

Hanover Displays: Careers

Writer, Director

For Hanover Displays

Cameraman: Patrick Rowe, Assistant: Vadim Ryumkin

Race to The Shard

Writer, Director for Gatwick Airport

DOP: Mark Barrs

Writer, Director for Madagascar Oil

DOP: Lee Sutterby

Tsimororo: a brighter future

Green Goblet festival cups

Director, Cameraman

For Green Goblet Ltd at The End of the World Festival

Ocean Wanderers

Writer, Director for Maersk Oil

Cameraman: Mark Barrs and Michael Pitts

The Road to a Green Lithium Future

Writer, Director for CleanTech Lithium

Cameraman: Lee Sutterby

National Day

Writer, Director, Cameraman

For The Belgian Embassy

2nd Camera: Vadim Ryumkin

Psychology of Safety: Part 1


Director: Jez Startup

For Setters Safety

DOP: Tom Pridham

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