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Some of my early work included multiple projector shows for visitor centres and conferences. In 1992 (yes, in the last century) I directed and produced the 'experience' for the United Nations pavilion. This involved sychronising five theatres using sixteen video projectors, each fed from a laser disc player (remember those!). The interactive nature of exhibits like this led me on to interactive CD/DVD and database driven web sites. This has now given me over twenty years experience in the production of e-learning projects, apps and interactive video projects.

Gatwick Airport 360 degree app

Producer, Director

A 360 degree interactive video walk-through the refurbished Gatwick Airport. It uses the iPad gyroscope to allow the user to move the ipad in any direction and see a complete 360 degrees.



Producer, Director

A series of five interactive, animated modules that explain simple concepts to help individuals think through their relationship issues.



Relationship tools

Producer, Director

An exhibition kiosk that matches the right model of car to the users' life profile.

Lexus kiosk


Through my company Blueshift Ltd I produced some 100 drama based movie clips for the US version of an interactive CBT programme called Beating the Blues. BtB is an NHS approved online treatment for depression and anxiety.

Director: Jez Startup

Writer: Paul White



Beating the Blues

Producer, Director, Cameraman

A series of 14 video modules that worked as part of a health and safety induction e-learning module (authored in Captivate).

Partnerships in Care HSE Induction

Producer, Director

The visualisation and illustration of an online wellbeing resource for Ultrasis.

Ultrasis - understanding stress

Producer of e-learning module

A video rich e-learning resource for managers who have never experienced the threat of a strike.


For Pukkafilms

A strike is imminemt

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